all winners of 47th Edition of Laceno D’oro

the winners and the reasons

feature films – Laceno d’oro award

“Laceno d’oro 47” Award
Lo Thivolle
For the awareness shown in evoking, through the accuracy of language that touches on different genres, not only broad and defined cinematic imaginaries, but also all universal anxieties, the award for Lacendo D’oro 47 Best Feature Film goes to Elle by Lo Thivolle.
“Laceno d’oro doc” Award 2022
Bartolomeo Pampaloni
For its careful rendition of a “mosaic” suspended between civilization and nature, rites, and rituals, past and present, lights and shadows, Lacendo d’Oro Doc Special Award goes to Lassù by Bartolomeo Pampaloni

short films – “Gli occhi sulla città”

“Gli occhi sulla città” Award 2022 – EX AEQUO
Further and Further Away
Polen Ly
Led by the nuanced appearance of its main actress and the breath-taking cinematography of the director Polen Ly himself, the film captures the metamorphosis and evolution of grief, separation, and extinction. This intimate story of two siblings coping differently with the same loss turns into a sort of elegy for a world which is silently and slowly decaying. The ripples of this personal loss slowly grow into quiet waves, as the connection to traditions and to nature is flooded by the crushing forces of modernity and globalized economy.
“Gli occhi sulla città” Award 2022 – EX AEQUO
“The Sower of Stars”
Lois Patiño
Playing in a stunning way with the transparencies and lights of a Tokyo suspended over water, Sower of Stars is a journey through the limbo of existence, always hovering between life and death. This film is made with very few elements, two voices and a landscape: enough for its director Lois Patiño to make great experimental cinema
spazio campania
“Laceno d’oro Spazio Campania” Best Newcomer 2022
Nicolas Spatarella and Raffaele Rossi
Best Newcomer Award to “Fishman” by Nicolas Spatarella and Raffaele Rossi: for its innovative storytelling and the ability to lead the main character into the twists and turns of a grotesque and horrific subconscious, supported by a bold screenplay and a visually striking set up.
“Laceno d’oro Spazio Campania” Award 2022
Nothing’s Lef
Davide Pellino
For its ability to create a totally dystopian microcosm – between brutalization and sensitivity – thanks to a functional animation technique which translates into images an abnormal and very topical life cycle.