all winners of 48th Edition of Laceno D’oro

the winners and the reasons

feature films – Laceno d’oro awards


A coming back to the phantasmagoria of the origins of cinema. A fascinating, original, and moving vision, woven with the simplest and most rudimentary tools. An epic journey, full of irony and tenderness. The award for best film, Laceno d’oro 2023, goes to “Zinzindurrunkarratz” by Oskar Alegria.

FACING DARKNESS by Jean-Gabriel Périot

A film that reminds us how inexhaustible an archive can be, as well as the urgent need for a direct testimony from those who created it to survive the horror. For its straightforward, simple, and unflinching manner of echoing the images of the trauma caused by the Siege of Sarajevo into the present and making them universal. A warning for our future. The award for best documentary goes to “Facing Darkness” by Jean-Gabriel Périot.

short films – “Gli occhi sulla città”


For its ability to tell a story about what escapes our ordinary attention, reinventing the city into an enchanted habitat where the unseen can be seen, and the unheard finds a voice. The award for the best film of the International Short Film Competition goes to “The Secret Garden” by Nour Ouayda.
AQUERONTE by Manuel Muñoz Rivas
With a keen sense of the mise en scène, the film creates a place of encounter where separate lives build a temporary community, carrying us on a journey suspended in time and space. A dimension that only cinema can offer. For these reasons, a special mention goes to “Aqueronte” by Manuel Muñoz Rivas.

spazio campania 

The film’s greatest merit lies in its composite language, mixing documentary digital materials and the analogue of memory, dreams, and hope. This creates a fruitful disorientation in the viewers, culminating in the poetic finale.
Applying the typical stylistic elements of influencer communication to its form, “Sognando Venezia” provides a playful warning about the narcissistic and self-celebratory drift of the very young generations. It bids farewell to the audience with a disconcerting sense of emptiness.

supercinema  & red couch pictures awards

NEIGHBOUR ABDI by Douwe Dijkstra
An interesting work where the scene is visually dominated by props and green screen effects. A scene with includes continuous shifts between cinematographic storytelling and reality. Also worth-noting is the effort to ensure that the actual narrative consistently merges and keeps together the content and stylistic aspects, the final product (which we will never see) and its “making of”.
SUMMMER WITHIN by Summer Minerva, Adam Golub
A story that delicately navigates its way from the past to firmly establish its presence in the present. It revolves around the quest for one’s origins and a sense of belonging, ultimately aiming to find a place to call home. It’s a deeply personal narrative destined to resonate universally, seeking to dismantle the borders that confine and limits everyone.